Mr. Kakanou Messan, the director, has for worked for projects in West Africa with FORCE Foundation from the Netherlands the last seven (7) years. He is their representative in the region. As a contact person in West Africa, he supervised and coordinated projects in Togo, Benin, Senegal and Guinee Bissau for FORCE FOUNDATION. He has been (for the past three (3) years) the director of the Centre Polyvalent Saint Augustin in Lome (TOGO), an institute for visually impaired students. He has a BA in Social Sciences and an MA in Management.



Mr. Matthijs Balfoort, the technical adviser, has been the director of the FORCE Foundation from 1988 until moment FORCE stopped its activities in 2018.





Mr. Badja Essodina Kossi, the secretary general, is a professional secondary school teacher. He is actually the director of one of the secondary schools in Togo. He is a free land journalist. He has an MA in English language.

Mr. Katcha Messan, the treasurer, has been working working in a tourist agency for some years. He is the technical director of this agency. Qualification: Diploma in tourism and in environment management. 

Ms. Lekpo Adzowoa Mana, in charge of education, is the directress of a commercial enterprise. She has a diploma in Business and Administration and a certificate in catering.

Mr. Gafah Kossi, the counselor, is the director of a printing press. Qualification: diploma in printing Press.