Story of Fichal an albino child in Togo


Tcha-Koriko Fichal is a small boy who was born in 2012 in Sotoubou in Togo.  When his father noticed at his birth that he was an albino child he was not happy at all. The father gave a lot of trouble to the mother. Finally she was sent away from the house because she gave birth to an albino. For, she is bringing maledictions to the house. In their tradition, an albino child is a curse to the family.  A woman who gives birth to an albino child is supposed to kill the child or dump him far away in the forest. If she wants to keep the child she will be sent away from the family with her child and she is regarded as a witch together with the albino baby.
That is why Fichal mother was sent away

by her husband with her child who is an albino.   She suffered a lot with the child because she had no work. She went round from houses to houses to beg or wash clothing for people in order to get some money or some food for herself and for her child. Fortunately, a merciful man met her one day and later on they got married. The small Fichal got a new father who loved him despite his albinism. The small boy and his mother started a new life in a new environment and new family. However this new life did not last. At the end of the month of January 2017, bad luck  visited Fichal and his mother. The new husband of Fichal’s mother passed away. Hence Fichal and his mother have to go back to their old life because the husband’s family does not want an albino child in their home. It is a bad spirit according to them. So the question Fichal and his mother are asking themselves is when they will ever meet somebody who will understand them and care for them?

That is a brief story of the little Fichal and his mother. This is just a example of what happens most of the time to an albino child and a woman who gives birth to an albino child.