In order to facilitate the integration of albinos in the society, LUMEN has opened a center for albinos at Sokode in the central region of Togo. The center is called « Centre d’Aide et de Solidarité des Albinos (CASA). - in English - "Center of help and Solidarity of Albinos".
This center opened officially its doors on December 1, 2015. The opening ceremony has taken place in presence of administrative, political, militaries, religious and traditional authorities of Sokode. See below the opening speech of the Director of LUMEN.

Dear chief administrator of Tchaoudjo sector, administrative, religious and traditional authorities, ladies and gentlemen,

Albinism is a genetic condition. It is characterized by lake of melanin and partial or total absence of pigment in the skin, hairs or eyes. About one over twenty thousand people suffer from albinism in the world. This phenomena is more or less frequent in sub Sahara Africa, hence in Togo and in particular in the central region and its surrounding. It is probably a problem of blood, for non albinos parents can give birth to an albinos child. It is not a contagious disease. According to statistics, fifty per cent of albinos have albinos relatives. This can also be our case in Togo. However, very few people seek to understand the genetical and medical causes of this phenomenon.
Consequently, people give them all sort of bad names, such as witch, bad lock people etc. They are marginalized in the society, they are left out. Couples are separated because of the birth of an albinos child in the family, men denied their child because he/she is an albinos. Women are sent away for giving birth to albinos child. Ladies and gentlemen, all these are happening in our society here in Sokode and in its surrending.

That is the reason why we opened the Albinos center (CASA). This center will help albinos to come out from their marginalization, their vulnerability. It will give motivation to albinos children to continue their study and to get the same opportunity with non albinos children. The CASA is a home for the albinos. It is a place where attention can be given to albinos. CASA’s doors are opened everyday to give attention to albinos and to attend their needs as much as possible.  

However, ladies and gentlemen, all these cannot be possible without your moral materiel and financial support. In fact, we have been seeing horrible things in our villages. For example, how can an albinos child of 8 years old can look for firewood and make Chaco and sell to satisfy his own needs and the one of his parents?
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to take this opportunity to appeal for your generosity. Your donations in cash or in materials are welcome. You can also sponsor one or more albinos children for one or many years. They are our children; it is our duty to help them to grow and to get same chance with other children in our society.
Counting in your understanding and your generosity, we hope that this initiative will become yours. Therefore you will work to take these children out or their marginalization through your support and your donation to the CASA.

Thanks you for your attention!