The mission of LUMEN is to make the world of print accessible to those who are visually impaired, so they too can read, learn and earn a living in the future, to facilitate their social insertion and in the broader sense, have a better opportunity in life.
LUMEN is strongly against any form of social inequality based on the handicap. It helps visually impaired to become full member of our human society. LUMEN works for the socio professional well being of visually impaired.

Objectives :

  • To assure equality of right and treatment in the society;
  • To fight against any kind of violence done to people living with handicap in general and in particular to visually impaired,
  • To encourage any initiative for social insertion of visually impaired;
  • To support the public authorities in their actions to better the living condition of visually impaired people;
  • To help visually impaired not to be desperate by empowering them against poverty, against abject and degrading living.

To achieve its goals LUMEN uses among others means:

  • The empowerment and the education of people about human right in general and in particular about the rights of visually impaired;
  • Collaboration with public authorities, local communities and NGO’s, associations and institutions, national and international, sharing the same goals with LUMEN;
  • Elaboration and execution of projects in favor of visually impaired;
  • Found centers to care for marginalize visually impaired.

Keys words of LUMEN :

  • Education;
  • Training;
  • Social insertion;
  • Socio professional well being.