Vulnerable and Marginalized...

Visually impaired are vulnerable and marginalized in West Africa. Togo and Benin, this layer of the population is left behind. Children living with a visually impaired are considered as a curse to the family. They are good for nothing. Therefore parents hide in houses, because they are ashamed to get them out. This is why children living with a visually impaired do not often go to school.

In the 21st century, it is absurd to still see situation like above. It's amazing but true. So there was something mobilize to save this marginalized section of society. So we want by LUMEN, this Association comes to the day, give these children access to information by helping them to go to school and to work for their social and professional integration in society.

Some would say that it is useless to send them to school, for others, send them with pity. We say no to this negative discrimination, because these children are also able to go to school and be useful later in society.