The Creation of LUMEN...

In a world more and more
globalized characterized by a strong materialistic development, the general trend is to exclude powerless people and those who are not physically fit from the society. It is also characterized by a lack of respect of basic human rights. It is true that many people endeavor to promote and defend the right of handicapped people of the society. Nevertheless these actions are diluted by more or less conscious numerous daily marginalization and of discrimination acts.

The most alarming fact is that the exclusion of handicapped people tends to become systematic today in the developing countries. Exclusion is first familial, it is often regarded in the education and from school, it is also economic in that handicapped people face many challenges in developing their talent and to regularly integrate the society. This raises the issue of holistic integral development of a fair number of people. 

Aware that is everyone’s duty to work towards alleviating social inequalities and prompted by the principle of solidarity, a group of men and women of good will has decided to come together, and pool their means and effort to work alongside the governments, either local or international institutions, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, lay and religious groups to empower handicapped people in general and visually impaired in particular to ensure that they are also successful in the society and become fully self-sufficient.


The outcome of this initiative is the creation of LUMEN (Ligue Universelle pour un Monde Exempt de toute discrimination Négative).


official agreement given to LUMEN: